Chassis Protector Application Instructions

Please follow these instructions to apply a DOD chassis protector:

Prior to installation of the wrap, clean the chassis (even when new) with a high percentage alcohol based solution or other cleaning solution that will thoroughly clean the surface. This will eliminate any finger prints and residue left from the manufacturing process and people handling the chassis. This will help the vinyl to adhere to the area better and it will last longer.

Start on a straight end, align the section of the wrap designed for that section and work from one side to the other, eliminating any bubbles along the way. In curvy sections, the use of a hair dryer can be helpful to get more flex out of the vinyl and make it fit even better. The use of a hair dryer also improves the strength of the adhesive on the vinyl.

Once a section has been applied, make sure to press down hard on it, especially along side the outside edges to get the best possible adhering between the vinyl and the chassis.

Some minor trimming might be necessary. Do this with either a sharp razor blade or a sharp hobby knife. Follow the lines of the chassis and take your time. After trimming, make sure to press down hard on the chassis protector along the edges to ensure a good bond.


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