Hot Bodies Tank Splash Guard Installation

The 3D printed tank splash guard is designed to have a very tight fit onto the tank. For installation, take note as to where the "s" curve is located on the tank and the guard and line them up. Next, start with the front of the guard/tank to push down slowly to let the tank slide into the guard. Be extra cautious once you get to the "s" curve section, just move slowly and apply consistent pressure. It will fit, unless there is some misinformation on the tank. If there is, take a hobby knife to remove the misinformation and install the guard until it is fully seated. For additional mounting security, you can use 2 M3 grub screws (not included) to tighten the guard unto the tank. As a bonus feature, you can use piano wire (up to 2.5mm thick) and make an air filter mount which will slide into the extra hole provided on the guard, again using a M3 grub screw to hold the piano wire in place. Bend the piano wire with 90 degree angles to line it up with the mounting hole on the front side of the HB air filter.
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