Fluorescent Wraps/Decals Tips

Here are some tips for fluorescent wraps/decals

Due to the elesticity of the fluorescent vinyl, there are a few things that will make application a little easier:

If you have a hard time finding the edge of the piece to be applied, remove the excess material around it and push down on the decal/wrap piece. This will help release the piece from the excess.

You should not have to cut anything with a knife manually, unless there was a mechanical issue on our end, but using the tip of the blade of a knife could help pop decals/wrap pieces out. Insert only the very tip of the knife in the cut groove and turn the knife as if you were to scoop the blade underneath the decal/wrap piece. This can help removal of the decal/wrap piece.

Thanks to the elasticity of the fluorescent material, you can shape it nicely around curves. This applies mostly to wraps, but could also be used for decals. Start applying the piece on one end of the curve and work your way around the curve, keeping constant pull pressure on the other end of the piece. Once the piece is applied, it should have a nice shiny look to it. Do not apply too much pull pressure, as that might deform the vinyl piece beyond it's elasticity.


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